This hot item is for the cat lover in your life, or maybe for you! It's the 'Licki Brush' and gives cat owners a chance to give back to their cat and groom them.

As you may be aware, cats like to lick each other. The reason for this is it's their way of bonding. We use social media to bond and cats use licking to bond.

Now you can bond with your cat with the 'Licki Brush.' If you watch the video below, you can see how to use it. You can also order your official Licki Brush Kit today!

Aren't you glad someone figured out a way to fill the void and build a bonding bridge for you and your cat? You don't even have to worry about getting hairballs in your throat!

You no longer have to feel left out socially bond with your kitty.

Check out the Licki Brush video below and don't forget to order yours today!