The mild January weather this past week has folks tricked in to thinking that Spring is here. But I've got news for you. It's only the middle of January. We still have months, yes I said months, left of Winter.

The recent mild weather and rain in the area has created several ice jams on local rivers and officials on both sides of the border are keeping a close eye on the situation.


The Emergency Measures Organization in New Brunswick says these ice jams have the potential to cause rapid water level increases and ice movement.

There are three ice jams on the Nashwaak River and one on the Upper Miramichi. There are reports of flooding in the Riverview area as well.

An ice jam remains in place on the Saint John River north of Fort Kent.

The video below was taken on Tuesday of the Madawamkeag River.

Meanwhile, downstate a Flood warning has been posted along the Kennebec River in North Sidney, where the river is expected to crest 1 foot about flood stage by tonight.

The threat of flooding is very real. Officials are advising people who live close to rising rivers to be on alert and call 9-1-1 if help is needed to evacuate quickly.