We all like to hit up different parts of Maine - do you return to the same places are chart new territory? Do you venture even farther away? Here are the many options we have open to us.

  • The Coast of Maine

  • A Trip to Canada

    How about a trip to western New Brunswick? We have the great advantage of being right on the border with all kinds of options in Canada. Have you been to Moncton or Fredericton lately? Towns nearby like Woodstock, Hartland and Florenceville-Bristol have some many things to explore.

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  • The Staycation

    The staycation is very restful, and it’s cheap too. It’s good to get away and see different things, but sometimes hunkering down is a good thing too. Do you decide to stay for money reasons or just convenience? What do you do to keep yourself occupied? Some things to do are watch videos, games, food, day trip, projects.

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  • Destination Wedding

    Did you have a destination wedding to go to this year? Did you plan a trip out of the County because of family or friends? You got to go when a friend gets married in Colorado and you’re in the wedding. It takes planning for sure, especially if you have people traveling with you. Plus it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it when you have the memories.

  • The Big Getaway

    Then there’s the big vacation – a chance to put some real distance between you and Northern Maine. When was the last time you went to Disney World? Maybe it’s the cruise you’ve wanted to do all your life or the tropical paradise stay. What your dream vacation puts the County in your rearview mirror?

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