According to the Federal Government, about 46 million people live in poverty. There are both rich and poor towns in Maine, but Houlton takes the cake.

According to research done by 24/7 Wall Street, economic makeups on a local level can have a significant impact on not only how incomes are distributed, but also how pervasive poverty is.

24/7 Wall Street reviewed median households between 1,000 and 25,000 people, Houlton, Maine falling into that category. They also based social and economic figures from 2011 - 2015.

They also added that in the absence of a large employer, like Microsoft or Boeing, providing fairly stable and even income, poverty is more common.

For the state of Maine, it was determined that the town of Houlton was the poorest in the state. Below are some of the stats they found in their research.

It was assumed that the earning potential in the area was due to a low college attainment rate. They found that only 17.4-percent of Houlton's adult population had a bachelor's degree which was below Maine's average college attainment rate of 29-percent.

Houlton is a great town, with many shopping opportunities as well as close access to the border of Canada. This article was not to put Houlton down in any way shape or form. Just some interesting facts harvested from 24/7 Wall Street's research.