People of Aroostook county really came together in a time of need after a devastating fire swept through the Ark Animal Sanctuary in Houlton last week.

People and businesses alike in the Houlton area are doing everything they can to show their support in this time of need.

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Over the weekend, many businesses had set out donation jars, volunteered their time, and mostly importantly, showed their support for Lorraine and Bob Monfils, owners of the Sanctuary.

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There was a bake sale and silent auction fundraiser that took place in front of Town and Country Clothing and Footwear in downtown Market Square on Saturday. People turned out in droves and pledged and donated money.



It's a wonderful thing when the community can come together and help out in a time of need. That's true Aroostook County spirit right there!

Donations Needed for Houlton Animal Sanctuary that Lost Everything to Fire