The idea for Love Remains, the faith-based album from Hillary Scott and her family -- mother Linda Davis, father Lang Scott and younger sister Rylee -- came about following the sad loss of Scott's grandfather, after a battle with cancer. But happier times filled the recording sessions for the project, which gave the Scotts plenty of "family time."

"[My daughter] Eisele came a lot to the studio, which was really fun," Scott recently told The Boot and other reporters, recalling one particularly sweet memory. "There was one day when we were all there, and Eisele was there. A lot of times, my sister would be in school for the first half of the day, and then we’d pull her out. That day was really sweet, because it was the four of us -- the Scott family -- my husband [drummer Chris Tyrrell], my daughter, my grandmother -- who is my grandfather’s widow, who was the catalyst of this project -- and then my dad’s sister. So it was like pretty much a huge, big group of our family.

"For them to hear [the songs] in the big speakers in the control room, and even the infantile stages that it was in at that point, that’s one of my favorite days," Scott continues. "We also, the first day of tracking, brought in some of my grandfather’s things. We brought his Bible in and sat it on the desk, and a photo of him, just remembering him in the process, and that was really special, too."

Although her grandfather is no longer with them, Scott says that his memory lingers in each of the songs on Love Remains.

"He’s really one of the main reasons why we did this project." Scott shares. "The way he lived? He didn’t tell anybody how to live. He was a blue-collar, hard-working man who loved God and loved his family."

Love Remains is due out on July 29; it is available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

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