A messy storm in northern Maine and Western New Brunswick has brought sleet and snow in decent amounts, even for our area. Weather spotters are reporting more than 11 inches in Weston, 9 in Orient, more than 8 in Madawaska, about 8 in the Sherman-Patten area and around 6 inches in the Presque Isle-Caribou-Fort Fairfield region.

That's fairly good news for sledders and skiers, but the ice content of the precipitation is high, making for uneven and rough coverage for outdoor sports activities.

Snowfall totals are still well below the average for the year, even after the storm. There were power outages and tree limb downings and numerous cars sliding off the road. In our neck of the woods, that's apt to happen at least ten more times before April.

Some of you aching to get on the trails may need to wait to ride until after another snow event covers over the ice. Until then, here's a vicarious thrill from New England GoPro of a fast trail ride from Caribou to Presque Isle.