Lengendary singer/songwriter Glen Campbell is in the final stages of Alzheimer's. But, before the disease took hold, Campbell wrote and recorded a bittersweet song about his future. Watch the video for 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You.'

According to a blog on an Alzheimer's site, Campbell is in the final stage, which involves severe cognitive decline. He's been moved to a 24-hour care facility where he will probably live out the rest of his life.

How scary it must be to get that diagnosis and to face the reality of knowing you'll eventually forget everyone you ever met. Being a true musician, Campbell took his feelings to his music and wrote a touching song called 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You.' It was released recently with a beautiful video tribute to a life well lived.

I had the chance to introduce Glen once at the Collins Center for the Arts. What a thrill that was for me, after growing up watching him on TV and listening to his music! And his performance was amazing. Thank you for this last song, Glen. We've missed your voice and your talent.