Something great about living in Aroostook County is when someone is down, the community really rallies around them and helps them rise and concur. The time has come once again to help one of our neighbors in need.

A young woman from Hodgdon who is a University of Maine at Presque Isle student recently received some devastating news. Maya Gardiner, the daughter of Amy and Dean Gardiner was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just two weeks ago.

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Maya's symptoms began in September when she felt a lump in her lower stomach. Her preliminary diagnosis was just an ovarian cyst. Upon further testing it was discovered it was a grade 3 tumor. These types of tumors are graded on a scale of 1 to 3. Maya's grade was the worst. The oncologist diagnosed her with Ovarian Cancer.

Maya's oncologist was able to remove the tumor but stated she would still need chemotherapy treatment as a result. There were no guarantees that he was able to remove all cancerous cells and if she did not receive the chemotherapy treatment the cells could come back worse or spread to different parts of her body.  The oncologist stated that the chemotherapy will have a 95% success rate.

Maya is a former Hodgdon Hawk and a full time college student, athlete, beloved aunt, sister and daughter. She has always been an honors student and it is her hope to graduate with a degree in Sports Medicine in 2016 from UMPI.

Starting in January, Maya will be starting a full course of chemotherapy. Her family is asking for support to help Maya cover her medical expenses not covered by her insurance company. She will be needing to travel to see her oncologist specialist in Portland throughout the course of her treatment. She will also be traveling to Caribou and Presque Isle for her chemotherapy treatments, 3 times per week.

While the chemotherapy will help to save her life it will also make her sick. She will need help getting to her appointments, someone to help take care of her and she will not be able to work and may not be able to attend school once the chemotherapy begins due to immunity concerns and how well she is feeling.

As a result Maya and her family are facing  heavy financial burdens for a college student and daughter.

Any money raised will help her and her family to cover her traveling expenses, any insurance deductibles, prescriptions co pays and will help her parents to take some time off from work to help get her to her appointments and most importantly help her recuperate.

If you can help support Maya during this difficult time by making a donation, please click here. Her family has set up a donation page through Go Fund Me.