Organizations such as the Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence, Maine Medical Association, and the Maine Chiefs of Police Association made possible the renewal of the free distribution of firearms trigger locks to the public program.

Sascha Burkard

Trigger locks will be available through local police departments across most of the state of Maine and directly through the Maine Citizens website. The goal of the program is help families insure that all guns are securely locked, especially when children are in the home.

“Most gun owners already responsibly store their guns, particularly in Maine where gun owners enjoy a well-earned reputation for safe and responsible firearm practices”, said Frances Buerkens, Director of Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence. “But, we want to be sure that no gun is left unlocked because a family cannot afford a trigger lock.”

Ten years ago, in a program applauded nationally, Maine Citizens distributed over 20,000 trigger locks. In renewing the program, the organization has committed to making up to 5,000 trigger locks available.