This winter, the State of Maine is participating in two special weekends to provide enhanced opportunity for snowmobilers to freely cross state and international lines.

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Tri-State Snowmobile Weekend is an annual three-day event that will take place January 29–31. All legally registered Maine snowmobiles will be allowed on the trails in New Hampshire and Vermont without being registered in those states. Likewise, all snowmobiles legally registered in New Hampshire and Vermont can be operated in Maine without a current Maine registration during that weekend.

Maine and New Brunswick Free Trail Weekend, from February 12-14 will allow snowmobilers from Maine can obtain a free 3-Day Trail Permit to ride in New Brunswick. The special free permit must be obtained online by visiting

All snowmobiles and snowmobilers on NBFSC trails will still be required to carry personal PLPD insurance ($200,000 minimum) and have a current 2016 snowmobile registration from Maine. Additionally, riders from New Brunswick will be permitted to operate in Maine without a current Maine registration on those dates.

The Maine Warden Service reminds snowmobilers to ride with caution at all times.

“With the increased traffic anticipated during the reciprocal snowmobile weekends, we remind all riders to obey laws of prudent operation, do not drink and drive, and be mindful that this is a family sport, so please keep our trails safe,” said Warden Service Colonel Joel Wilkinson.

Snowmobilers should stay off roads, ride at a reasonable speed, use hand signals and ride to the right.

For more information on New Brunswick’s Free Trail Permit, click here.

If you need to register your snowmobile in Maine, visit:

For information about snowmobile laws and rules in Maine, visit:

For Maine trail condition updates and trail maps, visit the Maine Snowmobile Association website.