Now that we've had time to digest the new Star Wars trailer, let's take a minute and look back at how wrong we were in 1999!

An article this week in Rolling Stone magazine captured the feeling of immense hope and even pure joy when the trailer for "The Phantom Menace" was released in theaters in early 1999. The critics, like the rest of us Star Wars fans, were dead wrong.

The trailer sent the Star Wars fan community into an absolute frenzy, and even the most jaded fans were impressed. "I hate myself for every doubt I had,'' Aint-It-Cool-News founder Harry Knowles told the New York Times. ''What on earth was I ever thinking? Analyzing every nugget, every whisper. Worrying about reshoots and deadlines. George [Lucas] seems to be 100 percent on his game.''

All we have to do is look back at the history books to see how very, very wrong we all were about Episode 1 in '99. Jar Jar was even in the trailer. If only there was someone to warn us... someone to save us time and money, and worst of all, heartache. But we're fans. This is the price we pay for loving a story.

This one's gonna be better........ Right?