First Lady Ann LePage along with the Bureau of Veterans Services, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W) and Maine Veterans' Homes, drew 14 names and 5 alternates hunters for this year's Disabled Veterans' Controlled Moose Hunt Thursday.

Volodymyr Burdiak/ThinkStock

According to, this is fifth year the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has conducted a controlled Moose hunt in Aroostook County in an effort to regulate the moose population.

The overpopulation of moose in Northern Maine destroys valuable crops and is responsible for numerous accidents due of the proximity of the crops to the roads.

Permits are provided by IF&W to the Bureau of Veterans Services to conduct a lottery of veterans who have the free disabled veterans hunting license issued by IF&W.

Veterans are able to apply for the lottery, which is drawn at random. This year, 125 veterans applied for the permits from all across Maine. A percentage of permits are identified for out-of-state wounded warriors to participate alongside Maine's disabled veteran hunters.

A full listing of today's lottery winners is listed below: 2014 Disabled Veterans' Controlled Moose Hunt Winners Primary Hunters

1. Armand J. Frappier, Fairfield 2. Richard G. Craig, Eastport 3. Alfred H. Thibeault, Harmony 4. Joseph T. Aucoin, Topsham 5. Tommaso L. Tempesta, Turner 6. Joseph J. Frenchette, Fairfield 7. Norman L. Boynton, Prospect 8. Joseph G. Michaud, St. Francis 9. Gregory J. Struck, Reed Plantation 10. Charles P. Hamel, Lee 11. Eugene E. Cramer, Lee 12. Robert A. McQuillan, III, Winthrop 13. Rita M. Picard, Stockholm 14. David F. Morse, Pittston

Alternate Hunters A. John L. Craig, Masardis B. Homer W. Clough, Topsfield C. David P. Cox, Baileyville D. Bruce R. Smith, Abbot E. Edson J. Scholz, Vassalboro