Firefighters from two departments worked to save a home that caught fire in Centreville Thursday afternoon while the owners were away.

Denise Kappa, ThinkStock

The Centreville Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire at the Brooker residence on the Hawkins Road shortly after 3 o'clock.  Acting Fire Chief Jody DeMerchant said the fire started in the kitchen.

About 15 firefighters from Centreville and Lakeville, New Brunswick quickly brought the blaze under control.  Capt. Ritchie Shaw tells us there was significant damage to the kitchen area and smoke damage throughout the house.  Capt. Shaw said it appears a kitchen appliance sparked the blaze while the owners were out. The fire may have been smoldering for a couple of hours before a neighbor noticed the smoke and called 911.

Firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to a nearby garage.  There were no injuries.

The Centreville couple lost many of their belongings in the fire.  It's not certain whether the home will be livable again.