Ice fishing is in full swing here in the County as the cold weather has set in and firmed up ice conditions.
Scott Olson/Getty Images
According to Inland Fisheries and Wildlife fisheries biologist Jeremiah Wood, “Splake fishing has been very good on Scopan. It’s a good fishery but it’s a quiet fishery, not many people take advantage of it.” Wood also noted that the smelt are biting in the Walker Siding area of the lake.
Anglers are also getting smelt on Eagle and Saint Froid Lakes. Bigger fish such as togue are coming a little slower, although there were several five pounders and a seven pounder as well.
Activity on Glazier Lake has also picked up. Poor ice conditions kept most angler off the lake early in the season, but the ice is solid on this border lake, and last week, IFW fisheries biologist Derrick Cote talked to 38 people fishing Glazier.
Wood also noted that it has been fairly quiet on the Allagash Waterway for ice fisherman. Poor weather was a factor for both ice and travel conditions, but it should still be pretty good fishing due to light fishing pressure early in the season.

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