For all of you who are keeping track, my favorite time of the year happens to be fall. Save your hot and humid summers. Forget your long and dreary winters. Give me cool, crisp foggy mornings and early nights. I demand ripe pumpkins and an array of autumn foliage.

Kathy Marston - Maine Frame Studios - Facebook

According to, Maine is the most heavily forested state with over 17 million acres of trees and 50 native species to dazzle the eye as the seasons blend from one to the next.

As the day length shortens and trees prepare for winter - chlorophyll production decreases and the leaves prepare for death - their true pigments begin to emerge. provides a handy map displaying peak areas for peeping throughout the state - and wouldn't you know it, Aroostook County is at the high mark. Like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the current foliage conditions.

Kathy Marston - Maine Frame Studios - Facebook

If you have the chance, stop by Haystack Mountain in Castle Hill for a Fall Foliage hike on Saturday, September 28th from 9am-Noon. On top of Haystack you'll have access to a 360 view of the foliage. Make sure to dress/pack accordingly; staff will talk about the changing leaf color, point out interesting landmarks, and talk about the mountain. Dogs are welcomed, but must be on a leash.

For more information on this hike call (207) 768-8341 or visit