Country-pop singer Eileen Carey believes that love is more inspiring than hate, and she puts her thoughts into song on "In the Air," her new single, which is exclusively premiering on The Boot.

The terrorist attacks in Paris in November of 2015, along with a then-recent visit to the city, inspired Carey to write "In the Air," but the recent tragedies in Nice, France; Dallas, Texas; Orlando, Fla., and so many other areas of the world further prove how much we all need an inspirational message of hope and love such as "In the Air."

“Paris is such a whirlwind of love, romance and excitement that the terrorist attacks there felt personal to me; I had just visited the City of Love two weeks before," Carey tells The Boot. "It inspired me to write a love song for two people set in the gaiety that is still Paris, a kind of victory for the spirit of love.”

Those who have been to Paris know that it's a romantic, exquisite, inspiring city. In "In the Air," Carey sings of fashion, champagne, dancing under the Paris sky, a romantic table for two and other picturesque and love-filled images. Readers can press play below to hear the song.

"In the Air" is the first single from Carey's forthcoming fifth studio album, set for release this fall. For details on upcoming shows and more information about Carey, visit her official website.

Listen to Eileen Carey, "In the Air":

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