The Fort Kent community is coming together to revitalize its downtown. After the two major fires and some businesses closing down, residents decided that something needs to be done to improve their town.


At a recent town hall meeting Fort Kent natives passed a warrant calling for a Downtown Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District. TIF is a public financing method that is used to fund public and private projects.

Alain Ouellette, director of Northern Maine Development Commission, has been hired by residents to assist with the development of downtown TIF.

‘Fort Kent is really committed to their downtown,” Ouellette said, ‘there is energy right now in this downtown and it is really positive and focused. There are people who really want to make a difference here.’

Some TIF projects discussed at the most recent town meeting included: heading projects, bringing new investors, and opening more retail businesses in the area.

TIF committee has been formed and the next step is to select subcommittee members. But the actual revitalization plan has to be approved by Fort Kent residents at their next town hall meeting.