When he started penning his new single "Black," Dierks Bentley didn't intend to write as sexy of a song as he did. He also says his wife Cassidy wasn't as enamored with the song as you'd think.

Ross Copperman and Ashley Gorley co-wrote the title track from Bentley's latest album. The singer started it at a coffee shop with a basic premise in mind.

"I just started off writing a song, not with that in mind, but I just liked the idea of black and darkness and some passion involved there and it kind of spun out of control a little bit," Bentley says.

“Make my world go black / Hit me like a heart attack / Knock me flat on my back / Yeah, just keep doing that," Bentley sings in the chorus. "That thing you’re doing there / Brush me with your hair, I swear / I don’t know how long that I can last / Make my world go black / Make my world go black.”

Bentley has been married to Cassidy Black for over a decade, so she didn't exactly melt like butter when he first shared the song. "She calls BS on anything," he says. "If I play her anything she's like, 'You didn't write that for me, you were just trying to write a love song."

The entire Black record is focused on what happens after "happily ever after," the 40-year-old says, before adding there's still plenty of heat between the two of them. His music isn't what he turns to when the mood is right, however. That's a big no-no.

"I’ve never used my own music to seduce my wife, that’s for sure."

Bentley talked to Taste of Country prior to the 2016 CMA Awards, where he'd win Vocal Event of the Year for his song "Different for Girls." That song is nominated for two Taste of Country Awards: Song of the Year and Best Pop Collaboration.

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