Just in time for Halloween I found this posting on Maine Craigslist!

"I know some of you wickers and witches get a little tipsy on Halloween and lose your cauldrons. Luckily for you, here at Johny's Jubilee we got you covered. Just look at these features.

* Casted from rare Transylvanian cast iron to improve your potions potency.
* With DuoSpell, the best dual spell feature on the market today. Depending on how the night goes, you can mix up both your favorite good and evil spells and potions.
* WitchaMix for hands free stirring and ergonomically designed for easy manual stirring.
* Pre aged using our special patented aging process, so you won't look like a newbie in front of all you sisters.
* Extra large capacity, measuring @24" across by 14" deep, double batches are now easier then ever.

Now, I know what you are thinking, your thinking about how much your last cauldron was. And with all these extra features you figure this is going to cost around $500 right, WRONG. $400, NOPE. OK OK $300, GUESS AGAIN. Ready for this $200, that is correct, this is not a typo, $200. But that is not the best part, here at Johny's Jubilee were are crazy insane. For a limited time only this is a BOGO. Yep that is correct, buy on get one free. Get two for the price of one! Share one with a friend or keep as a spare.

So hurry in today, this special will not last long. Supplies are limited.

Even if you are one of those city slickers. Nothing says "I am special" more than having your very own cauldron on display in your front yard or on the porch. Just imagine how it would look with a rolling fog coming out over the edge onto your front porch floor, just use dry ice. To complete the scene, a bail of hay, corn stocks and you are ready to go. Those little devilish kiddies will love it on Halloween night. Harry Potter would be envying you.

Whether you are a witch, wicker or a wannabe. It is time to get ready for Halloween."

A+ for creativity Johny's Jubilee! Are you looking for something special to take your Halloween party to the next level? Check out Craigslist Maine for some spooky treasures!

I'm looking for a crystal ball.

Celeste, the Fortune Teller.