A Danforth woman has been charged with operating a meth lab inside her apartment after a fire destroyed the four unit apartment house on Monday. 


Maine Drug Enforcement Agents have charged 43 year old Lynette Terry, also known as Lynette Gray, with unlawful operation of a methamphetamine lab.

The lab was discovered in a closet inside her apartment at 11 Doc Day Lane after firefighters were called to the scene on Monday morning. State Fire Marshals say the fire started as a result of the drug making activity, as the components to make meth are highly flammable, according to Maine Public Safety Department Spokesman, Stephen McCausland.

Also arrested was a second occupant of the apartment -- 28 year old Tyrone Rollins. He was arrested by fire investigators on two outstanding warrants for being an habitual offender and not paying a fine.

Terry and Rollins were both taken into custody outside the apartment house, after both had left and then returned to the fire scene. The two were taken to the Washington County Jail, said McCausland.

Fire Marshals plan to consult with the district attorney’s office on whether arson charges should be lodged as a result of the drug activity. In addition to Terry and Rollins, only one other person lived in the building.