A crossing guard in Maine doesn't care that she's no longer getting paid to keep kids safe. She says she has a responsibility to the students and their parents and so she's going to continue showing up for work.

Sherry MacArthur has been a crossing guard in Augusta for nine years. The 48-year-old shows up each day to help kids cross the street near the Lincoln Elementary School.

But earlier this summer, the Augusta school board eliminated funding for crossing guards, the reasoning being that not many kids walk to school anymore. The move also saved the city $47,000.

But even though the city has stopped paying crossing guards the $9 an hour they earn for 2 to 3 hours a day, MacArthur has showed up at her post every day this week. She told the Kennebec Journal that her conscience wouldn't allow her to risk the health and safety of kids. She says drivers frequently speed on the four-lane highway near the school and she's seen a number of close calls over the years.

MacArthur says, despite the school board's decision, she plans to keep showing up for work.