A man and woman, apparently with love on their mind, are facing charges after police say the couple was caught trespassing at a camp in Litchfield, Maine.

Jacob Rajewsky/ThinkStock

State Police were called by a resident at a camp on Pleasant Pond at around 6:45 a.m. Sunday, saying that he woke up to find two people sitting on his front porch. The caller told authorities that the couple had since left for a neighboring camp that was vacant and had removed a window screen to gain entry.

Sgt. Chris Rogers and Trooper Klayton Peckham arrived to investigate and saw the pair inside when they looked in the window. Troopers said when they knocked on the door, the woman fled out the back door carrying her clothes.

Police say 41-year-old Julie Rand of Litchfield ignored orders to stop and continued running from the scene. She was taken to the ground by police and placed in custody, after being allowed to dress.

Her partner, 46-year-old Steven Bonavita of Milbury, Mass. remained in the camp and was cooperative, according to a social media post by Maine State Police.

Both were charged with criminal trespass and Rand was charged with refusing to submit to arrest. They are expected to appear in court in September.