Did you know that on this day in Country Music History in 2005 Lost Highway released Willie Nelson's reggae album, "Countryman?"

It's true! The cover featured a drawing of a marijuana plant, except in Wal-Mart stores, where the artwork was a palm tree.

Rachel Murray, Getty Images

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Here are 5 interesting facts about Willy Nelson.

  • He organized the first Farm Aid benefit concert in 1985.
  • The IRS seized all his possessions in 1991 for nonpayment of $16.7 million in back taxes; he has since settled the debt.
  • He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993.
  • He co-founded Willie Nelson's Biodeisel, which markets truck fuel made from vegetable oil.
  • He has co-written several books, including Willie: An Autobiography with Bud Shrake, and The Tao of Willie with Turk Pipkin.