Did you know that on this day in Country Music History in 1991 Tracy Lawrence was shot in Shoney's parking lot on Music Row just after completing vocals for his debut album?

It’s true! Lawrence and a female friend were robbed by three gunmen prior to the shooting.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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Here are 5 little known facts about Tracy Lawrence.

  • He was born in Atlanta, TX, in 1968, and he grew up mostly in Foreman, AR, where he soaked up traditional and outlaw country as well as Southern rock.
  • He started performing in public when he was 15 and was a regular presence on the local honky tonk circuit by 17.
  • After college, he moved to Nashville in 1990 and worked day jobs while winning numerous talent shows. That led to a live radio performance and, in 1991, a showcase gig that netted him a deal with Atlantic.
  • He worked as an iron-worker and in phone sales while he tried to break into the music business.
  • In January 1998, he was convicted on charges stemming from an incident in which his wife accused him of hitting and threatening her; the couple soon divorced.