Did you know that on this day in Country Music History in 1995 Shania Twain collected her first #1 single in Billboard with "Any Man Of Mine"?

Glenn Pinkerton/Las Vegas News Bureau via Getty Images)

It's true! Check out the video!

Here are 5 interesting facts about Shania Twain.

  • While growing up in poverty, she earned money by singing in local bars.
  • He raised her three younger siblings after her mother and stepfather died in a car accident in 1987.
  • Her stepfather, Jerry, was an Ojibwa native; when she changed her name from Eileen, she chose "Shania," which is Ojibwa for "I'm on my way."
  • She won the 1999 Entertainer of the Year Award at both the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Country Music Association Awards.
  • She is a vegetarian; she was the first celebrity to be named Sexiest Vegetarian Alive by PETA, in 2001.