Did you know that on this day in Country Music History in 2010 Martina McBride was joined by Train to shoot an installment of "CMT Crossroads" at Rocketown in Nashville?

It’s true! The performances included: "Wrong Baby Wrong," "Whatever You Say" and "A Broken Wing".

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Check out the video!

Here are 5 little known facts about Martina McBride.

  • She was born Martina Mariea Schiff in Sharon, Kansas, to Daryl and Jeanne Schiff. She has two brothers, Martin and Steve, who currently play in her concert band, and a sister, Gina.
  • At the age of eight or nine, she began singing with a band her father fronted, "The Schiffters."
  • In 1987, she gathered a group of musicians called Lotus and started looking for rehearsal space; she began renting space from a studio engineer named John McBride. In 1988, the two married.
  • John McBride joined Garth Brooks's sound crew and later became his concert production manager. Martina occasionally joined her husband on the road and helped sell Garth Brooks souvenirs. In 1990, impressed by Martina's enthusiastic spirit, Brooks offered her the position of his opening act provided she could obtain a recording contract.
  • She works with a variety of charities. She is currently the spokeswoman for the National Domestic Violence Hotline as well as for the National Network to End Domestic Violence and national spokeswoman for the Tulsa Domestic Violence and Intervention Services.