Did you know that on this day in Country Music History in 1996 Clay Walker was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis by a Houston doctor, after seeking an examination for numbness in his fingers?

It's true!  He was told--incorrectly, it turns out--that he will be in a wheelchair within four years, dead within eight.

Glad to see that Clay is still alive and kickin'!

John Harrelson/Getty Images

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Here are 5 interesting facts about Clay Walker.

  • His musical influences include Merle Haggard, George Jones, Bob Seger, George Strait, Lionel Richie, James Taylor and Jimmy Buffett.
  • His favorite song is Maggie May by Rod Stewart.
  • His favorite sports are football, fishing, rodeo and golf.
  • He has been married twice and has four children.
  • In 2008, he received a Humanitarian Award for his charitable efforts in relations to MS.