Did you know that on this day in Country Music History in 2004 Big & Rich's debut album, "Horse Of A Different Color," was certified platinum?

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It’s true! Check out the video!

Here are 5 little known truths about Big & Rich.

  • Big & Rich consists of Big Kenny AKA Kenny Alphin and John Rich. Kenny was born on November 1, 1963 in Culpepper, VA and John was born on January 7, 1974 in Amarillo, TX.
  • Big & Rich are co-founders of the MusikMafia along with Jon Nicholson and Cory Gierman. It’s an informal collection of singers, musicians, and songwriters that would meet and jam at Nashville's 'Pub of Love.'
  • Before they became Big & Rich, Kenny was in a band called luvjOi. John was lead singer for the band Lonestar, before going solo.
  • Kenny and John became friends after meeting at a club. Soon after they started writing songs together. Their first songwriting collaboration was "I Pray for You," which they wrote in October 1998.
  • During a benefit concert held on October 9, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia to raise money for the construction of the 173d Airborne Memorial, Big & Rich were awarded the status of Honorary Members of the 503d Regiment of the 173d Airborne Brigade.