I love country music. Let's get that out of the way right now. Like any form of art, especially commercial art that is designed to turn a profit, there is the attitude that success breeds copycats which breeds mediocrity which means bad things for the genre. A new video put together for YouTube illustrates this 'bandwagon' mentality in all its glory.


It's a cycle of course. When the Beatles came out, every record label want an act like them. When hair bands were the thing in the late 80s, they multiplied. 90s grunge. 90s country. You name it, this phenomenon has reared its ugly head. This past year was no different. Country music has always prided itself on its stories of real life. While everyone may enjoy drinking beer on the back of a pickup truck with a hot chick in tight jeans, is it a reality for the majority? I guess that may be the point. These songs help us to escape the 'real' reality of our day-to-day lives.


That being said, the majority of the songs featured in this video were written by the same 3 or 4 people. They should feel proud of the success that they've had. Now, for the sake of country music - change it up or move along.