Rascal Flatts know a good song when they hear it. They made "Take Me There" - written by Kenny Chesney -  a #1 hit in September, 2007. It's our Classic Country Song.

Kenny Chesney wrote "Take Me There"  and planned to record it for his own album. He gave it to Rascal Flatts and the song went on to be their eighth #1 single.

It's always cool to find out where singers come up with their ideas. Chesney explains the origin of the song in an interview with CMT:

I had the idea for that song several years ago, and I had written it down on a piece of paper in a notebook. I was going through a bunch of stuff and saw where I had written that down and had forgotten about it. The whole idea of the song was about meeting someone who still has their guard up from a previous relationship or whatever it is."

In the same interview, he goes on to explain why he didn't record it himself:

 I was going to record that song, but I felt that melodically, I had already been there. It’s a great song, but it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like it was meant to be on my record. Obviously I was right because Rascal Flatts cut a great [version]."