The Maine Tobacco Free Network has recognized Cary Medical Center at the gold level in the 2014 Maine Tobacco Free Hospital Network Gold Star Standards of Excellence Recognition Program. 

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The program provides an opportunity every year for hospitals to be recognized for the work they have done to create a tobacco free environment and to support tobacco free lifestyles.  Cary will be one of 18 health care organizations receiving the Gold Level recognition.  Some 31 health care organizations from across the state as well as seven individual gold stars champions will be honored on Wednesday, November 19th at the Maine Hospital Association Office in Augusta.

Kris Doody, RN, CEO of Cary Medical Center said that the hospital is pleased with the award and that it is part of the hospital’s vision to support a tobacco free environment.

“We have all known for years that smoking is a major public health issue”, said Doody.  “Our vision is to create a healthier community.  Working to reduce smoking and to help young people never start is certainly consistent with this Vision. The Maine Tobacco Free Network establishes some challenging expectations for this Gold Level recognition and we appreciate the fact that they recognize hospitals as we work to reduce tobacco use in our communities”.

The Maine Tobacco Free Hospital Network is an initiative of the Breathe Easy Coalition of Maine.  Sarah A. Mayberry, Program Coordinator said in a letter announcing the recognition that hospitals are key allies in the efforts to reduce tobacco use.

“As leaders in health care, Maine hospitals seek to optimize the health of patients and the surrounding community.  They provide key community support and are exemplary role models in health care excellence.”