Last week, Carrie Underwood tried Periscope for the very first time, giving fans a look at her pre-concert world. It took a few moments for the singer to get comfortable with the live-streaming social media app, but by the end, she was a pro … sort of.

The “Smoke Break” singer makes fun of herself throughout the nearly seven-minute-long Cari-Scope (see what we did there?) video, captured for YouTube by the Popular Periscopes channel. She didn’t come with an agenda — in fact, her new Storyteller album and single are never mentioned. There is some talk about her dogs, husband and her baby, however.

“I didn’t expect to have such a happy baby,” Underwood says when asked by a follower what is one thing she didn’t expect about motherhood. “He’s like such a sweet guy, and always smiley. It’s just nice."

Fans also learn that little Isaiah makes lots of baby noises, including those playful screams that every parent knows very well. She also let it be known that she and CMA Awards co-host Brad Paisley would be having their first pre-show meeting this week. The 2015 CMA Awards are set for Nov. 4.

Much of the Periscope video features Underwood getting comfortable with the format, which is pretty cute to watch. At the end she struggles to figure out how to turn it off, but honestly, who hasn’t done that after their first go-round? The video was taken moments before her recent show in Pennsylvania. Underwood also shared that once she signed off she would hang out with her band and lead a prayer.

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