Sheriff’s Deputies have charged a Caribou man with two counts of felony trafficking in methamphetamines and bath salts.


According to Chief Deputy Sheriff Darrell Crandall, Ward Ballard, 49, of Caribou faces charges after an investigation by Aroostook County Sheriff’s Deputies that began with a traffic stop, on Route 1 in Mars Hill, on the evening of June 18th.

Ballard was found to be in possession of several containers of unidentified substances that were believed to be illegal drugs, over $1,100 in cash and other evidence of drug trafficking.

Authorities determined the substances were methamphetamine and synthetic hallucinogens, commonly referred to as “bath salts.” The drugs are valued at about $2,500.

Sheriff’s Deputies and MDEA Agents went to Ballard’s home on the Baird Road in Caribou, on Monday afternoon, and arrested him for class B felonies. At the time of his arrest, Ballard was in possession of more “bath salts,” and he was charged with possession of that as well.

Ballard was transported to the Caribou Police Department where he posted bail. If convicted of the trafficking charges, Ballard faces up to ten years in prison.