The fire rages on in Perth-Andover today and the Canadian Red Cross has stepped up to help those who have been evacuated from their homes.


Two reception centers have been opened to support the approximately 300 people under evacuation orders or notices in the Perth-Andover and Tobique areas.

All evacuees are asked to visit the reception center in the Mah-sos School at 252 Main Street in Tobique and register with the Canadian Red Cross disaster team there.  That gives authorities a clearer picture of how many people are impacted, where they are staying and how they can be contacted with updates or emergency information.

A second center is located on the opposite side of the St. John River, at the River Valley Civic Centre at 11 School Street in Perth-Andover.

About 200 homes in Perth-Andover, Tobique and smaller outlying communities were evacuated last night as a precaution. Additional households were notified early  this morning in the Craigs Flats area, which is just east of Perth-Andover.

The Canadian Red Cross has deployed disaster volunteers and supplies from Woodstock, Fredericton and Saint John in case the situation worsens.

Any evacuees needing  more information on reception center locations and services can contact the Canadian Red Cross 24-hours a day toll-free at 1-800-222-9597.