Twenty-two people including two children have been displaced by a fire today that extensively damaged a two-storey building and has caused fire, smoke or water damage to two adjacent buildings on the 600 block of downtown Woodstock, New Brunswick. 

Disaster volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross have arranged emergency lodging, food and clothing purchases for 13 adults and three children, and referred four adults to other agencies that will provide emergency assistance. Two others made their own arrangements.

The fire was reported shortly after 9 a.m.Tuesday in the Rose Building, which has three upstairs apartments, a ground-level sporting goods story and a natural foods store. Tenants were also evacuated from six apartments in adjacent two and three-story buildings that also have ground-level businesses ranging from a restaurant to a clothing boutique to a real estate agency.

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All the displaced tenants were redirected to the Canadian Red Cross's Woodstock office about a block away for assessment of their emergency needs.

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The Rose Building houses the Max Skate & Snow shop and Mother Nature's Market.

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The Woodstock Fire Department received mutual aid from departments in several nearby communities such as Hartland, New Brunswick, and Houlton, Maine.