The Fort Fairfield Police Department is investigating a burglary that took place early this week, and so far one man has been arrested.


According to Chief Bill Campbell, police received a complaint of a residential burglary on High Street in Fort Fairfield on Monday. The resident, a federal law enforcement officer, reported that a firearm was stolen from the residence during the day. Sgt. Shawn Newell was assigned to the case.

Sgt. Newell continued the investigation on Tuesday and was able to make an arrest based on eyewitness reports and leads in the investigation. Arrested was 30-year-old Fort Fairfield resident Robert E. Nichols. Sgt. Newell was able to recover the firearm.

Nichols was held on a probation violation and charged with class C burglary and class B theft. Nichols, who has an extensive criminal history, remains in custody pending a court hearing.

More arrests are expected in this case.