Brothers Osborne recently released a new video for their current single, "21 Summer," and they're taking Taste of Country readers behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the video shoot.

"21 Summer" is the third single from the sibling duo's debut album, Pawn Shop, following hit songs "Rum" and "Stay a Little Longer." The song takes a look back at first love, and the wistful sense of heartbreak and longing that so often go along with it.

Justin Clough directed the video for the track, which he and the brothers shot in Nashville. The clip intersperses shots of the duo performing at the Tin Dog Tavern with scenes featuring actors that move the plot forward.

"'21 Summer' is one of those really great songs that a lot of people can relate to, in the fact that there is that moment where there's so many things that change in your life," singer and rhythm guitarist TJ Osborne says. "And I think the biggest one is getting your heart broken for the first time."

"The concept of the video is just one of probably a million stories," adds guitarist and vocalist John Osborne. "You know, everyone's 21 summer is gonna be a little bit different."

He says they wanted to do something to differentiate the video from the lyrics of the song. "We wanted to take a particular story and apply it to the lyrics of '21 Summer,' in the fact that a young boy ends up with a girl that leads a darker life than him, and they have something that actually shows him how to grow up and be a man."

Clough says the most fun part of the shoot was watching their ideas from the storyboards come to life in the video.

"I think we're definitely gonna surprise people with what we're doing," he observes. "It's really cool. Especially here in Nashville, it's crazy different from what you see. I'm excited for everyone to see it."

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