Give a homeless man a chicken, he eats for a day – spread chicken manure where he sleeps, and get rid of him for a lifetime.

At least that appears to be the philosophy of the City of Abbotsford, B.C. who was recently caught dumping loads of chicken manure along a campsite commonly frequented by the homeless community.

The chicken crap scandal was first brought to the attention of the public through a column in the digital newspaper Abbotsford Today. In the article, columnist James Breckenridge, alleged that the city was attempting to drive out the homeless by polluting their campsite with chicken droppings – and they were.

"Besides the dumbness of using chicken material in light of bird flu and then the big avian kill we had here not that many years ago, this camp is beside one of (the) major thoroughfares: there's a set of railroad tracks and this is a path that most people use to cut across it," Breckenridge said in a statement.

Incidentally, the story lead to city manager George Murray contacting various news sources and offering an apology for the city's actions -  saying he was “deeply sorry.”

He added that the city will be cleaning up the manure from the site and working to make things right with the people that were affected by their dirty deeds, so to speak.