Members of the Bridgewater Fire Department went door-to-door this week handing out hundreds of smoke detectors to town residents.

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Training Officer Matthew Powers said the goal was to make sure all residents have working detectors in their homes during the heating season.  Bridgewater Fire Chief Troy Bradstreet brought the idea to the department officers this past spring after traveling to the Aroostook County Fire Chiefs Association meeting in St. Agatha.

Since then, Powers said, many hours have gone into the grant writing and application process, as well as planning and distribution of the detectors.  The fire department was able to procure 500 smoke detectors from a local retailer, with funding provided by the Aroostook County Fire Chiefs Association’s Fire Education and Prevention grant.

Bridgewater Fire Department members canvassed the town Tuesday evening to reach as many households as possible.

Officials advise that you have smoke detectors installed on each floor of your home. Make sure that they are tested and working properly. For more information on the types of smoke detectors, where to place them, and how often you should test them and replace batteries, click here.