The New Brunswick Department of Health has issued a boil order in Perth-Andover, for the Perth side only, after a water main break led to a loss of pressure in the system.

Tanawat Pontchour/ThinkStock

The boil order also applies to the village of Aroostook, N.B. Officials advise that ALL water to be consumed should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one full minute. Only boiled or bottled water should be used for infant formula, making juices, cooking, washing food or for dental hygiene.

Children, especially infants, should be sponge-bathed only or with baby wipes. Caregivers should take extra precautions that clients or patients do not swallow water while they are being bathed.

Perth-Andover Mayor Terry Ritchie says once the public water system is up and running again is has to be flushed out, then tested and found safe twice in a row 24 hours apart. This means that the system on the Perth side of the river will be down at least until Friday or possibly another two days.  Ritchie says residents will be informed door to door, by phone and/or by social media.