A few weeks back,  we featured the video of Justin Peters talking about Maine's beloved soda, Moxie. And we learned that "it's a man's drink" and "it'll put hair on your body". The video is now at almost 30,000 views on YouTube and Justin is gaining fans not just in Maine, but all over the country! We followed up with a video of Maine comedian, Bob Marley watching "The Moxie Kid" video for the first time and that one is nearing 12,000 views. No doubt about it, Justin Peters is making people laugh.

From his Facebook Fan Page, here's more about Justin from his Mom:

"Little Peters', 17, a small town guy, sharing clean, positve Maine humor. He likes being a small town guy and enjoys the simple life here in Maine with his friends, that's where he's comfortable and what makes him happy. Not looking for fame or fortune, just likes laughing and being himself."


And we are proud to present more words of wisdom from 'Little Peters'. In this video, he tells a quick story of what he wants to be when he grows up in that classic and authentic old timer Mainah voice. Yee Yee...Shakin' n' bakin'!!