Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes with Big D & Bubba? Big Country 96.9 shares the stuff you don't see!

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    Big D & Bubba are great on the air and online! Check out some of the videos of Country’s biggest stars performing in the studio!

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    When you want to hear something again or missed it the first time, their podcast has you covered. It’s updated regularly and you can listen at your leisure.

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    There’s nothing as awesome as behind the scenes photos of the show. Big D & Bubba have a so much cool stuff on their Facebook.

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    It’s easy to reach out to the boys anytime on Twitter. They may even tweet back and read it on the radio. Your just a comment away from adding to the conversation.

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    Even more photos of Big D & Bubba on Instagram! Celebrity guests hanging out in the halls and in the studio!

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    Big D & Bubba merchandise is all yours. Get one of everything as you shop ‘til you drop online.

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