J.C. Penny is a big staple in the County. There have been talks of closure, but now we've found out that some big changes are coming to the store.

Some of the closures, that was to begin in April of this year, were actually put off until May, in some markets, but now J.C. Penny is looking to up their game, which is a big win for the stores in the County.

Here are some of the changes that you can look forward to in 2017 and we're hoping sooner than later.

  • New Offerings By Sephora - Women will be happy to know that their hot items from Sephora and are not going away. Living Proof, Dry Bar, and Bumble are some of the upgrades that will be added to the line at the beauty counters. They're planning on adding Beauty Insider points as an added benefit as well.
  • Customer Loyalty Program - No, this is not going away, but they're looking a more cash rewards for loyal customers. They're also doing away with limits on how many $10 rewards points you can earn every month when $200 is spent.
  • Home Remodeling - J.C. Penny wants to have a part in remodeling your home. A pilot program is going on in about 100 stores across six different markets, for now. If not already, the name will be JCPenny Home Services.
  • More Toys For The Kiddos - New push for new toys featuring Hasbro, Fisher Price, and Playmobil to name a few. You find these featured toys somewhere near the Disney Collection area.
  • Big Name Partnerships - Brands like Nike are looking at playing a bigger role in active sportswear and apparel. It will not be a small section either. They're looking at dedicating some 500 square feet, or more, to the Nike brand for a bigger selection for consumers.
  • Hair Salon - If you're a cosmetologist, or have a career in hair, just know that JCPenny is looking for about 4000 stylists to get their hair salons going. This will include nail techs, colorers, managers, and even massage therapists! This will be a really cool feature with the store. If you're interested in a job in this area, you can apply here.

This is good news, especially for you who were concerned about closures of the store in the County. I think it's safe to say that we can breathe easy knowing that the store isn't going anywhere, except in the direction of expanding more choices and services for you!