The circus business is no easy place to make a living, but The Amazing Anastasini has been touring the globe with great family entertainment since 1877!

We were able to catch up with Giuliano Anastasini at the Northern Maine Fair to find out some of the 'behind the scenes' facts about this world class entertainer.

The circus began in Italy and Giuliano is an eighth generation performer, whose 3 children and nephew are involved with the acts as well.

They are bringing a smaller scale performance to the Northern Maine Fair with acts consisting of 'Roman Rings', areal acts, Diablo juggling, and area rings.

You and your family will be entertained with this 30-minute FREE show at the Northern Maine Fair in Presque Isle.

Check out the video below and you too will see how nice Giuliano Anastasini is and some 'inside' baseball on what the act entails.

See you at the Fair!