A Bangor High School sophomore is challenging the school's dress code, saying it unfairly targets female students.

As part of her protest, sophomore Cat Just took to social media to call for a "crop top movement" at the school on Thursday in which students would "show their bra straps, rock their crop tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, v necks and short shorts to help send a message."

We will not have the value of our education placed below that of a male student's, we will not be objectified, and our bodies are not distractions.

In her Facebook post, Just said the protest was sparked by a Wednesday assembly in which an administrator explained the dress code and, according to Just's post, said, "Ladies, we don't want to see your bra straps."

Just was asked to leave when she questioned the fairness of the policy, according to student accounts. She then left the auditorium to applause from her classmates. Many of Just's friends have expressed their support on social media, with more than 600 people sharing her Facebook post on the subject.

Bangor High school officials have not returned a request for a statement.

The school department's policy does not have separate dress codes for male and female students. The student handbook reads in part," Clothing should not be too short, too long, too low or worn too tightly. (Skirts and shorts must extend to fingertips.) Clothing that exposes cleavage, the midriff, undergarments or that is otherwise immodest or provocative is prohibited."

It's not the fist time school dress codes have been challenged for unfairly targeting girls.

We'll follow this story and update as necessary.