With more snow on the horizon for today, things are looking good on the snowmobiling front here in Aroostook County!

Here is the Aroostook County Snowmobile Trail Report for February 19th, 2015, from the desk of Gary Marquis with the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Finally the wind has subsided and we can catch our breath, but not for long as I am writing the report we are currently in a winter storm warning with a possible 6-10” by the morning and now they are calling for another storm for Saturday into Sunday. With this being said please be patient with the projects as they will be out during the day tomorrow. Like the signs indicate grooming does go on during the day, we would rather not but when necessary projects do what they have to.

The wind has created very hazardous conditions in the open fields, if you venture off the marked trails, well I wish you luck as the wind has turned the snow into concrete, with very sharp edges, now that we will be getting more snow and wind on Friday. The drifts will be concealed. NOW IS THE TIME THAT YOU PLEASE STAY ON MARKED TRAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a new logging operation in the Easton area on ITS 81. In the Oxbow area there are more logging operations, so reading intersections is very important as some trails have completely changed?

While most projects are 100% volunteer based, joining a club and helping out benefits all the county not just that one club, so help out the area by joining a club. Thank You.

Trail Info:

With all the drifting road crossings have become quite hazardous in many locations so proceed with caution when crossing roads, all projects are doing their best, but the highway departments have to do their jobs as well.
ITS 85 Ashland is reporting a logging op. in the Masardis area follow the signs. In the Winterville area there is a slight reroute use the Red River road not the Buggy Brook Road. Two miles north of Oxbow the road is plowed, and it is not in the best of condition. Fort Kent and Eagle Lake are reporting good conditions. In the Oxbow area there are numerous reroutes due to logging watch for signs.

ITS 83 Groomed in its entirety. Logging operation crossing between Washburn and Carson Siding marked very well. Also logging crossing on the trail North of Madawaska Lake and the South of the Sullivan road marked well.

ITS 81 Reporting in very good condition, there is logging in the Scopan Lake area. Some of the open fields have limited cover, please stay on trail.

ITS 92 This trail is in great shape, 92A, and 92B also are in great shape.

ITS 90 Groomed and in very good shape, some of the open areas have limited cover.

ITS 88 Groomed and in good shape

ITS 86 new logging operations have caused some frustrations on the trail but watch for signage as the Oxbow end has 1.5 miles of plowed road.

ITS 105 Great shape excellent cover

Trail 75 in the Scopan Lake area active logging

ITS 120 Very good shape

RT. 89 Completely open and in good shape

RT. 100 Great condition

RT. 81 in the Westmanland area has logging watch for signs

ITS116 in the Fort Fairfield area has active logging watch for sign

Easton trails are in very good shape.

Chapman Ridge Runners are in good shape

On the Social Side:

Can Am steak feed at the Soldier Pond Clubhouse from 4:30-7:30 Saturday

Hot dog roast this Saturday on trail 81/100 intersection behind Parents country store.

Friday night chicken stew at the Presque Isle clubhouse 5-7 pm

Washburn Trail runners Breakfast / Lunch Saturdays 7-2pm Sunday 7-12pm at the clubhouse

St. Francis Sno Angels Saturday Meals…home cooked meals… stop by off ITS 92 10am-9pm.

Houlton breakfast every Saturday at the clubhouse on the Wiley road 6-9.

March 1, Breakfast at the Grand Isle Community center 7-11

Madawaska will be hosting 1st annual snowmobile rider’s clinic on March 7th at the clubhouse from 12-4 wardens and North Woods Law will be on hand to answer questions.

Fort Fairfield’s annual super draw raffle will be March 7th tickets are available from any Fort member.

Sunday March 8th Pleasant Ridge Riders Breakfast at the clubhouse from 7-11

February 28th Snow Drag Racing in Eagle Lake more info to come

March 8th Snow Drag Racing in St. Francis more info to come

March 15th Snow Drag Racing in Houlton more info to come