The trails are going to be in great shape for the weekend, so come on up and ride the best trails in the Country.

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The couple of inches of new snow will certainly help out with any overheating issues and lubrication problems that were occurring during the beginning of the week.

This weekend is certainly looking like it will be a busy one here in the County where the riding is great. The return of the International Snowmobile Festival will be held from the 20, 21, and 22nd of this weekend. Trails in the Valley will certainly be busy with all of this extra traffic. Please use caution as there will be a lot of new snowmobilers to the area. All clubs will be doing double duty to ensure that the trails stay in tip top shape.

Another big event is happening in Caribou on Sunday the 22nd. The third annual Caribou snowmobile drag races, located off of ITS 83/90 near the B&A rail bed. There will be signs off of the trails or drive by car. Check out Caribou Snowmobile Racing on Facebook.

I will admit that I have not given this section of the County my press over the years. If you want to ride some of the most scenic and low traffic trails, then head down towards Houlton and South towards Linneus on trail 105 or ITS 83. This area offers some beautiful views and some very remote trails. If you do venture out towards Macwahoc remember to have a full tank of gas. There is some very nice riding in this area of the County.

Trail 71A: only open the 1st 6 miles to Garfield.

ITS 83: is in great shape from one end of the County to the other.

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ITS 90: is open and completely groomed and in great shape. Fort Fairfield has made it through their swamp and is reporting that it is in good shape. The Caribou section of 90 will be closed down starting on Monday the 23rd for 4 days. The section that is affected will be from the beginning of 90 where it breaks off of ITS 83 all the way to trail 88 in the Woodland area. For the locals this is where the Alaska to Maine sign is located. The remainder of this trail will remain open from 88 to 105. There is a logging operation that has asked to close this section for a few days and the groomer operation will comply with this request. Portage has also reported that there is some logging operations going on above the Mouse Island Road in Perham watch for signs.

ITS 85: is connected all the way through to the crown. There is a section of road that is plowed at the Red River Bridge where Eagle Lake and Portage meet, this will be plowed for the rest of the season so please use caution. There is a logging operation South of Violette settlement please use caution watch for signs. The Oxbow area of 85 is in great shape, so head down that way it makes for a great ride.

120: the Deboullie trail is in great shape. Remember there is still a logging operation near the St. Francis road about 5 miles of plowed road.

ITS 92: From Fort Kent up through to Allagash is reported to be in great shape. At the end of this trail the Glazier lake loop is a 26 mile ride wonderful trail.

ITS 86: is groomed all the way from the Boarder in Houlton and is in good shape to Oxbow.


ITS 81: is in good shape and completely open Logging operation before meeting with Fort Fairfield on the Easton end. Watch for signs and equipment on trail. Clubs will be out once it cools off. Watch for logging operation down off the Ashland road, and also on the Ralph Craig Memorial trail.

105: trail from Van Buren through Stockholm and South to Mapleton is in good shape. There is a logging operation at the Southern end in the Chapman area, there are alternatives to use. Logging should be complete within the next week.

ITS 88: From Fort Fairfield is reported open all the way to Ashland. Watch out for speed bumps in the Parkhurst Siding area of the Rail bed.

73B: is open and signed there is a logging operation in the Little Black lake area please use caution.

Trail 81: (Swedes Trail) is open and reported to have a few water holes watch for signs. There is a small water hole, it is very well marked. Trail 81: in Houlton has a logging operation and will be shortened and is only going Oakfield.

ON THE SOCIAL SIDE: Cold Mountain Snowmobile club will be having a breakfast this Saturday the 21st starting at 7am at the Grand Isle Community Center.

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Caribou Snowmobile Club will be hosting a snowmobile drag race this Sunday the 22nd at the Old Van Buren Road Lodge restaurant located at 416 old Van Buren Road, Caribou. Check out Caribou snowmobile racing on Facebook.

Sunday January 29, 2017 The Pleasant ridge riders will be having a Breakfast fundraiser at the clubhouse from 7-11 all proceeds will be going to the groomer fund.

Washburn trail runners club will officially open for business on January 7th. Saturday hours will be 7-2, Sunday 7-12.

Presque Isle club is having chicken stew on Friday nights from 5-7.

Eagle Lake will be hosting snow drag racing on February 18, racing starts at 11.

The information in this report is only as good as the sources that report it. The purpose of the report is to help snowmobilers make decisions about their trips and to insure their safety. The report will be expanded as sources provide information..........accurate info that is.

The Official Snowmobile Trail Report: From the Desk of: Gary Marquis Caribou Parks & Recreation Dept. 55 Bennett Drive

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