Enjoy the trails. Here's the Aroostook County Snowmobile Trail Report, January 15, 2016.

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The Official Snowmobile Trail Report From the desk of: Gary Marquis Caribou Parks & Recreation Department 55 Bennett Dr. Caribou, Me. 04736 207-493-4224

With the new snow that we have received and the anticipation that we will get more over the weekend snowmobiling in the crown of Maine is shaping up quite nicely. The ground does not want to cooperate and there are still a lot of projects reporting water holes, albeit they are marked but caution is advised.

Some of the smaller connector trails are still closed especially the ones that are running through swamps, so a word of wisdom if you don’t see groomer tracks on a section trail then that might be a good reason to stay out of there.

I have been hearing that some people are getting turned around and confused by some signage. There is a lot of multi-use trails in the County meaning that they are used for summer and winter. ATV signs are typically green and white, and snowmobile signs are red and white. For example in the Caribou area there are a few businesses that are accessible in the summer but not in the winter, and those signs are green and white. Just wanted to let people know this as there is some confusion out there.



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Trail Info:

ITS 85 there is logging operations throughout this section of trail, Ashland’s section will be rerouted to the old way, they will not be out until next week. Portage has been to their turn around with Eagle Lake, they have indicated a logging operation on this stretch please watch for signs. In the Oxbow area there will be a temporary trail in town as the water is over the banks. This section of trail north will hopefully be connected by the end of the weekend.

ITS 83 This section of trail has had some grooming done to it Houlton, Mars Hill, Presque Isle, Washburn, Caribou, Red Arrow, and Madawaska have all been on their sections. Prestile stream still is unsafe so use alternate trails. From the North Side of Presque Isle to Caribou it is in great shape, From Caribou all the way North the trail is in good shape. There is a water hole near RT. 161 near cross lake, use the reroute. There is logging in the Madawaska area so please use caution

ITS 81 This trail is starting to come together, there are still soft areas so please use caution. Madawaska is reporting a logging operation watch for signs. Van Buren is reporting a logging operation north of town. Caswell, Limestone and Fort Fairfield are reporting good conditions.

ITS 92 From Fort Kent to St. Francis through to Allagash is in good shape, Trail 92A to Carter brook is groomed. 92B also known as the Lincoln trail will not be open this year.

ITS 90 Fort Fairfield has been done to the turn around with Caribou and reporting the swamp area has been cleared to travel through. Caribou has been able to fill in the water hole North of Dodo’s Market. Caribou will be opening up there section to 105 on Friday the 15th .

ITS 88 Fort Fairfield has been grooming this section, Presque Isle is reporting a water hole on the CP line near Blackstone Potato House it is marked, Aroostook River has been all the way to their turn around with Ashland, Ashland should be out this weekend.

ITS 105 From Mapleton all the way to Van Buren has been done and is in good shape. Trail 105 from Houlton South is in good shape there are still wet areas so please use caution.

The information in this report is only as good as the sources that report it. The purpose of the report is to help snowmobilers make decisions about their trips and to insure their safety. The report will be expanded as sources provide information..........accurate info that is.

ITS 120 Allagash has been out on their section and is reporting a logging operation that should be completed within the next three weeks, this section should be in good shape.

Rt 89 Caribou has gone as far as the Emond Road to a new business location. They have not gone to the river as Madawaska Stream is not frozen. What has been groomed is marked.

Rt. 100 Caswell has been out and met up with limestone and has made it all the way to the intersection of trail 94, Van Buren will groom this trail next week.

Easton has been out and all trails are groomed, there is a detour on trail 81C use the Ladner Road around Yoder’s pasture go down power line.

Chapman Ridge Runners have been out, trail 105 south of 74 closed due to logging for two weeks, also going into Mapleton 81A is closed for now this is off of 105.

On the Social Side:

St. Francis Snow Angels Saturday Meals at the clubhouse 11-7

Presque Isle Friday night Stew will start next week Friday the 8th .

Washburn Trail runner’s clubhouse opens this Saturday for the season. Hours are Saturday 7-2/ Sunday 7-12.

Pleasant Ridge Riders of Caswell are hosting a breakfast fundraiser on 1-31-16 at the clubhouse located at 17 Pleasant ridge road. Starting at 7-11 $7 for adults and $3 for children.

Pleasant Ridge Riders of Caswell will have a Chicken Stew/Chili dinner fundraiser on February 6th at the clubhouse $8 for adults $4 for children.

Cold Mountain Snowmobile Club will be hosting a Baked Bean Dinner at the Grand Isle Community Center on the 23rd of January from 11-1. They are also having a raffle for Heating Oil.

Portage Lakers Radar Run is CANCELLED

Caribou Snowmobile Club hosting drag races on January 24th reg. opens at 7:30, location is at the old Van Buren road lodge. 416 Van Buren road.

Fort Fairfield snowmobile club will be having a breakfast at their clubhouse located on ITS 81 off of the Strickland Road on February 14.

Houlton breakfast every Saturday at the clubhouse 6-9

Moose stompers Weekend February 7th .