The ice has melted and retracted from many of Aroostook County's rivers and lakes, but not all of them just yet anyway.

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, open water is still pretty limited here in the northern part of the state, and even on southern waters like Nickerson Lake there was still ice headed into last weekend.

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Once the ice starts going, it will go pretty quick, and IFW fisheries biologist Frank Frost feels that parts of the Fish River chain could be open this weekend.

Even with the ice, anglers are still fishing ponds, having some good luck fishing areas where the ice has pulled away from the shoreline.

If you are looking for some good early season spots, check out the Drew and Nickerson ponds in the Houlton area. Ice goes out early, and there is good access. Echo Lake in Aroostook State Park is another popular early season spot with good access.

What are your favorite fishing spots in Aroostook County? Have you been fishing yet this season?